I make independent recordings of much of my music as a hobby, and have released several limited edition demo CDs over the years. There is a link to some recordings on my News and Events Page. I have also had my recordings used in radio broadcasting themes and video soundtracks, as well as on a local artist compilation. I hope one day to have a professional quality CD available for sale, however in the meantime feel free to browse through the following 30 - 40 second sound clips I have made of my guitar playing for a small sample of what I have to offer. The clips were originally WAV files from varying time periods of my recording history (hence varying levels of sound quality to those with a trained ear), and are now converted to MP3s for this website. Each piece is performed on one instrument; there are no overdubs.

The music is quite diverse, as often is the case with modern instrumental compositions, and individual songs often change from a fast and happy feel to a more relaxed and thoughtful ambiance. Some pieces have an artistic darkness that takes on optimistic forms. Nature and openness have greatly inspired my musicality, as I grew up in a forested area near the sea and I will always have a little part of that in me. 

I have released an RPM Challenge album for 2017 called D-Structured here if you want a whole CD's worth of guitar music to listen to: https://danficken.bandcamp.com/releases

The three pieces below were written or arranged for the 6-string acoustic guitar. I sometimes use a flatpick when playing in different styles as well. The bottom piece is, of course, a clip from a Christmas song I recorded. I send a Christmas song out every year to those on my mailing list.



O Holy Night_df.mp3

The following pieces are classic examples of my finger-style and writing-style for the 12-string guitar.

Deep in the Moment_df.mp3

New Leaves_df.mp3

We Make Ways_df.mp3

Tirekicker Rag_df.mp3

Le Mont Vert_df.mp3

The three pieces below are an example of some of the more darker and imaginative aspects of my writing style. Listening to "Seamount" will take you on a journey to the bottom of the ocean.
Ready to enjoy on a different level.

Black Coffee_df.mp3


The Introspect_df.mp3

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