The following is a selection of testimonials, compliments, and reviews of my work and performances over the years

 "Musical directors spend hours trying to choose EXACTLY the right music to set the emotional tone for movie scenes. They could save themselves a lot of effort just by hiring Dan Ficken to play guitar for them.

Dan enriches every event he contributes to by providing intriguing music that is somehow both peaceful and lively. He takes the emotional tone of the room and underscores with his guitar.

Dan has played for my organization at three festivals and two small events, and he has been featured at two receptions I have attended. I would highly recommend him for your festival, your wedding or at any event where you need the music to match the mood."

Christine Hennebury
Chair - Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl


"The City of Mount Pearl contracted Dan Ficken to entertain at a reception and we found Dan to be very professional, was timely, easy to work with, and even agreed to stay longer to play as the audience was enjoying his music so much!  Again, Dan is very professional and was a wonderful addition to our event, he was an absolute pleasure to work with!"

Krista Tucker
Community Events Coordinator, Community Services Department, City of Mount Pearl


"Dan Ficken performed in the processional for our wedding. It was a different type of processional as we chose to walk a labyrinth instead of using a straight aisle. We asked if he would compose something for this special moment and his music was beautiful, insightful and fitted the moment perfectly. As a musician myself I know how hard it can be to play for processionals that don't end  exactly with the phrasing. Dan composed a piece that was improvisational enough to work with the start and end of our walk, yet fitted the winding nature of our path and rhythm of our footfalls. It was truly one of the highlights of the ceremony. Thank you Dan!"

Evelyn Osborne and Peter Duchemin


"The amazing talent of Dan Ficken has delighted multitudes of people at the Friends of Victoria Park Annual Lantern Festival.  Dan has played several festivals as a volunteer performer, his impressive guitar playing wows the crowd as the anticipation of the lighting of the lanterns builds during the day and early evening.  Dan plays a melody of great instrumental tunes and has surprised on occasion by displaying another wonderful talent, his singing.  This guy is not only an exceptional guitar player, he is also a great singer.  Dan’s participation at our Festival is always welcomed and appreciated.  He is one talent that should be heard."

Michael J. Evoy

Chair - Friends of Victoria Park

 "Dan has kindly donated his talents to PAA's annual benefit and silent auction for the last four years.  I met Dan at The Environmental Gathering Place and soon after became aware that he was a guitar player; he sent around one of his original pieces and we were all impressed with his unique style. I would describe it as easy listening and soulful. It's not hard to feel the passion he has for his music and I hope to see his name often as a performer."
Ruth (Godden) French
Development & Outreach Coordinator
Protected Areas Association of Newfoundland & Labrador


"Having Dan play at our wedding reception was truly one of the highlights of the evening. I remember countless people asking us who he was and commenting on how beautiful the music was. His playing was definitely not just "background music". Every guest took notice of the beautiful guitar playing. Dan's talent and kindness was a delight."

Lisa & Curt Budden


 "Kelligrews Ecological Enhancement Program (KEEP) is a not for profit, charitable organization that is dedicated in environmental protection and stewardship, trail building, community beautification and sustainability, and environmental education. KEEP's major fundraiser is the annual Kelligrews Railway Folk Festival, which relies on the support of volunteer musicians. Dan Ficken was happy to volunteer his time to perform at the festival, and he also helped us network with other musicians. The crowd at the Railway Festival is a mixture of all ages, from small children to seniors, and everyone enjoyed Dan's performance. Dan's music was very well received, and the members of KEEP certainly hope that Dan will take to our stage again in the future"

Hope Bennett
Board of Directors - KEEP


"When I first met Dan he struck me as a kind caring individual. We worked for different organisations in the same building. Recently, we devised a video for a work project which engaged volunteers to get out and montior local beaches and birds for CPAWS NL. When we asked Dan to help us with it, he went and made a track especially for our project ( it was upbeat and catchy). I thought the music went so well with the video that I asked Dan once again for his help in our next project that involves music for a video, ( how can you have a video based in NL about the fishery without traditional sound and rhythm?!?….)
Dan is a talented musician and I would recommend him for any event. I can’t wait to buy an album of his!!"

Suzanne Dooley

Co-Executive Director - Canadian Parks And Wilderness Society - NL  (CPAWS-NL)

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