I have decided to add a news and events site to better keep track of what is going on. I will try and update this where needed. As I perform at exclusive functions as well as public ones, I will only post items that anyone can attend.

For 2012:

  • December 22nd: Christmas Tune is done! Email me if you would like me to send you a copy of my 2012 rendition of Good King Wenceslas. Happy Hoidays!
  • December 11th: Currently working on my annual Christmas tune. Stay "tuned", I hope to send the finished product to my mailing list by next week, or definitely before Christmas Day!
  • Spawning Festival at the Fluvarium! Come watch lively brown trout in the windows at the Fluvarium on Nagles Hill Place, St. John's on Sunday November 18th. Activities for adults and kids alike. I will be performing guitar in a beautiful setting from 1pm to 2pm.
  • Note: I have been traveling a lot this year and have been minimizing the number of public events I do lately, however I am currently available for public and private events. I do not usually post private events on this page, but I am pleased to announce that my family band (The Quinton Family Band or QFB) are performing traditional Newfoundland music at a wedding on November 24th. This is quite fun for me, so thought I would post it
  • A free Open House event on Friday August 3rd hosted by MI Ocean Net at the Holyrood Marine Station. Come on out, it'll be a great way to learn about the Marine Institute's latest offshore research and training projects. Hosted by MI Ocean Net, a fantastic and engaging environmental initiative, there will also be a beach cleanup and a BBQ. I will be providing some music for this event at lunchtime.
  • Daffodil Place Dream Show 2012 - May 26th Holiday Inn. This is a great annual gala event that raises much-needed funds that go towards Daffodil Place, a dedicated "home" for those receiving cancer treatments. I will be performing music during supper. There will also be music from The Navigators, The Vanier Choir, and YYT. Tickets are $50 and will go towards a very good cause. See the Website for more information:
  • Music In The Forest - February 19th, Ontario, (Monetville). It gives me great pleasure to be performing in this event as I am an avid supporter of the conservation of our wild and special places such as the Mashkinonje Park. The event is hosted by the Apollo String Duo and there will also be music by Julian and John Blaise and Kerrie and Kristen Lowitt. Proceeds go to support the Friends of Mashkinonje group:
I have also added the poster for this concert on the right

For 2011:

  • Dec 24th - The annual Christmas Melody is available! This year I collaborated with my brother David, as I did four years ago,  and we recorded the pieces as a duo. Many thanks to him for performing and helping to arrange the music with me. The pieces recorded are Bring the Torch Jeanette and Isabella, The Seven Joys of Mary, and the Ryans and the Pittmans (for fun). While I have sent the tune out to all those on my mailing list, some folks' email addresses need to be updated as a few bounced back to me. If you would like to update your address or would like me to send you a high quality MP3 in your email please email me at the address on my Contact page. Thanks for listening, and hope everyone had a great 2011 and best wishes for 2012!
  • Nova Yoga Live Music Thursdays, December 8th at Melanie Caines' Nova Yoga Studio on 125 Long's Hill. I will be performing the soundtrack to the yoga class that week. I will get to stretch out my fingers while the others get to stretch out their souls. Have a look at the schedule:
  • Occupy NL Fundraiser October 22nd, 10pm Rose and Thistle Water St. I will be playing some music tonight along with Ginny Ryan and Aley Waterman, and others. It's to raise funds for this very dedicated and very organized group geared for positive change in the democratic system that benefits the vast majority of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, Canadians, and global citizens abroad. 
  • The Annual General Meeting of the Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, opening reception September 29th, Admiralty House Museum, Mount Pearl. I am performing some music at this event, and while it is only open to those who have registered, I have decided to post this one anyway due to the interesting nature of the group and the intriguing location of this event. I support the preservation of our cultural and natural heritage, and so have decided to include this event here.
  • Words in Edgewise, September 14th, 8pm at the Eastern Edge Gallery. Hosted by Morgan Murray and presented by the Eastern Edge Gallery, Magpie Magazine, and the MUN Humanities Grad Program. Combining art, intellect, intrigue, and music all in the same place. I will be performing some music alongside speakers Claire Poirier, Lori Lee Oats, and Kathryn Rose. This should be really interesting, check out the site for more info:
  • NEW: ARTFUSiON - Hosted by the Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl (AAMP) it is an afternoon (actually a whole week) celebrating local art and music in Centennial Square on September 10th. I will be performing on stage at 5pm, check it out:      
  • A free Open House event on July 28th hosted by MI Ocean Net at the Holyrood Marine. Come on out, it'll be a great way to learn about the Marine Institutes latest offshore research and training projects. Hosted by MI Ocean Net, a fantastic and engaging environmental initiative, there will also be a beach cleanup and a BBQ. I will be providing some music for this event

    For more info and the schedule go here: http://www.mi.mun.ca/events/index.php?EventID=115 

  • Completed my 2011 RPM recordings. They are rough drafts, although much of it certainly sounds finished. Most of these new pieces I hope to add to my current repertoire as I polish the music off and iron the blips out.
      Feel free to listen to the MP3 Player. Keeping with the blue theme, the album is called "The Blue Guitar" and my cover art is to the right.
  • The Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl (AAMP) has released a compilation CD called "Taking it up to 11". It consists of a wide variety incredibly talented local artists. My composition, "Pullin' at the Moon", is included on this disc. It is track 8 on the CD. Copies of this compilation are available through AAMP (see links page) and other outlets for a great price of $10. 
  •  Parts of the song entitled "Seakeeper" has been used by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter (CPAWS-NL) in their latest video project called Ocean Memories. It is an informative collaboration of the thoughts and feelings of local fish harvesters, academics, non-profits, and tourism operators on the current state of the Atlantic Ocean. It can be viewed on the CPAWS website (see links page) or on You Tube:
  •  Daffodil Place Dream Show - June 4th, 2011
This event is a large gala fundraiser in aid of those receiving cancer treatments, I will be doing dinner music. Also already confirmed for this event is the Masterless Men. You don't want to miss this. More info can be found at:

  •  Great Meals For Change - Local food fundraiser hosted by NLEE (Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Educators)
DATE: Thursday, March 24th
TIME: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
LOCATION: Gower Street United Church
Tickets: $50
I am playing a bit of "meet and greet" at 6pm. I'm also happy to say that I will be facilitating part of the event as well


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