"Post Folk Fusion" - A Bio

DAN FICKEN is a guitarist from Conception Bay, Newfoundland, who explores familiar and distant landscapes of sound on the acoustic 6 and 12-string guitar.  He has developed a unique playing style that is both traditional sounding, but also quite modern.

Diverse instrumental guitar, dubbed only in Dan's music as "Post Folk Fusion", the melodies are highly complex yet sweet at times, producing songs that are advanced in nature but fun to listen to... introspective and pleasant, percussive but folky. His instrumental pieces are based around a tonal centre on which he builds intricate melodies that range from short in length to epic journeys.  Stories are created within the music, immersing listeners within the sounds they hear.

Dan has played in many a venue with various local and visiting performers in St. John's and has been invited to play solo at an assortment of receptions, fundraisers, festivals, and weddings from Newfoundland to Ontario. A community minded individual, Dan has played at many local fund and awareness-raising benefits with themes from wilderness and oceans protection to poverty and sustainable energy.

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